Freelance Front-End Development. Giving life to your designs. An extra pair of safe hands when you really need some.

Hi I'm Alastair Brown and I do Front-end, well it's not all I do but it's what I'm best at. With over ten years of Web Development experience, I've gained experience with an number of technologies including: Front-End technology; HTML (in HTML5), Javascript (inc frameworks), CSS, ActionScript, XML and XSLT, Back-End Technology; Perl, PHP, C# .Net, Oracle, MySQL, tSQL (SQL Server 2005-2008). As you can see I'm a bona-fide programmer, not a dabbler. Experience with Object-Orientated Programming (OOP) and techniques like UML and design patterns.

I've enjoy finding creative and innovative solutions. Often by incorporating my mathematical training to produce efficient and elegant code. I relish working on projects that incorporate a novel user experience.